Family Dentistry

Wineburg Family Dentistry is a place where patients can find the ideal dentist if you live in Carrollton or Plano Texas. Why do you need the help of the professionals working there? That’s what you can find out here and then you can make an appointment today!

Adult teeth do not grow back if something happens to them. If you lose any of them or have to have any pulled for any reason, then you have to go with implants or dentures. If you work with a dentist on a regular basis, you can avoid having to lose any of your teeth. Even if you have lost a few it’s best to get what you can done so you can get replacement teeth. Otherwise it can be hard to eat and you won’t be happy a lot of the time with the way you look.

Sometimes you will have cavities that can be filled, which will save your tooth. Usually, if there is an issue it starts small and if you can get to it before it gets worse it’s not that difficult to get help with. After a while teeth will rot completely, get infected, and have a variety of other problems that can be very painful. Even if you can’t see an issue in the mirror it may still be there and that’s why regular cleanings should be done by a professional.

Emergencies tend to happen when there are issues you haven’t gotten checked out for a long time. You can contact your dentist and ask what the procedure is for getting emergency care or to ask if they can recommend anyone that can see you right away. Do not ignore pain because it is your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong. If you have a bad enough infection, it can become deadly after a certain point. Antibiotics need to be taken at least, and usually dentists will be able to get you in fast if you let them know it’s serious.

Allow Wineburg Family Dentistry to keep you and your family’s smile looking great and healthy!