Crowns and Bridges

Enhance Your Smile and Oral Health with Crowns and Bridges!

Do you have one or more teeth that are missing or highly damaged? Are you interested in learning more about crowns and bridges to see if these options are viable for you? If so, this introduction to these forms of fixed dental prosthetics will help you decide.

If you have a tooth that is damaged or aesthetically problematic, a crown might be the best solution. This process involves attaching a permanent “cap” over the entire tooth.

A tiny amount of your natural enamel is removed to make room for the crown. Usually made of porcelain or ceramic, the material is color matched to the teeth on either side. It will blend in naturally with your other teeth. Alternatively, metals are sometimes used, particularly with teeth in the back of the mouth. However, some people have gold or silver crowns on their front teeth for statement value.

If you have a tooth that has been seriously damaged but with an intact root, a crown might be the best option for saving it. Any diseased tissue is removed from the tooth and it is covered in the same manner as just described. The root helps to keep your jawbone strong and should be saved when possible.

On the other hand, you might already have a missing tooth or one that is scheduled for pulling. In that case, a bridge might be the solution you need. If the gap is left untreated, the jawbone beneath it will weaken. Additionally, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift.

Among your choices to prevent that from happening is to have a bridge installed that will cover the gap in your smile. The bridge is a set of false teeth permanently affixed in your mouth. It is either attached to your real teeth or implants on the outer sides of the piece.

As with crowns, bridges can be designed to match the color of the surrounding teeth. Each of these choices appears natural to others and is a permanent solution to your problem.

Having a beautiful, healthy smile is important to everyone. Let us help you decide which crowns and bridges are needed to help you achieve a high level of health and to look great. Contact us today at Wineburg Family Dentistry and make an appointment. We look forward to being your new choice for your family dentistry needs.