Oral Surgery and Extractions

Why Would A Patient Need Oral Surgery & Extractions?

Having teeth extracted is generally done if they cannot be saved. Perhaps it has become so rotten that there’s nothing that can be done for it. Maybe you have had most of it break off in an accident and you want to have the rest of it pulled out because you just want to get an implant there. Either way, you must have a dentist that is gentle and good at what they do because extractions that are poorly done can hurt a lot. Usually you will have your mouth numbed, but if you have too much anxiety about procedure you should ask about sedation options.

Some extractions are not going to be so simple and require surgery that is more difficult for the dentist to do. When they are done it’s going to take some time to heal and you have to stay on top of what they tell you to do. For instance, they may have told you not to smoke for a day after surgery. That’s because you could wind up with dry sockets which are painful and require you to go back to their office. Depending on what kind of extraction or other type of surgery you get done, you will have different instruction about what to do.

Painkillers are helpful after having procedures done. You may also want to find an ice pack before you get your surgery so you have something on hand that can help with swelling. You may feel like it’s okay to quit taking antibiotics or that you can take more pills for pain than they say to, but these are bad ideas. You won’t get rid of an infection if you don’t take the full course of your antibiotics and you can get addicted to taking pain medications if you don’t take it easy on them.

Wineburg Family Dentistry is a great place to go for oral surgery & extractions. If you are having any issues that call for the help of a professional, you must go with the staff of Wineburg Family Dentistry for the ultimate fix and complete gentle care.