Tooth Filling

When tooth enamel has been damaged, dental fillings are often the best solution for adults and children. The most common cause for them is cavities, though there are other instances where this procedure can be beneficial.

First Exam

During your appointment for a dental filling, the first step will be to numb the area. The dentist will use a local anesthetic so you will not feel any pain. Once the medication has taken effect, the dental team will begin the tooth restoration process.

Any decayed or rotting tooth material is moved from the damaged area, leaving behind only healthy tissues. This involves the use of small tools designed especially for dental use. You may experience vibration from the drill or feel pressure from the work being done. Otherwise, it should be a pain-free experience.

Next, the dental team will fill in the whole with a predetermined material. While gold is the most expensive, silver amalgam is more common.

For front and visible teeth, composite plastic resins and porcelain are often used to blend seamlessly with the natural teeth. You can decide with your dental team which material to choose based on price and aesthetic value.

If you choose a material that resembles natural teeth, the dentist can mix it to match the tooth itself. With proper oral care, the filling will continue to blend with the surrounding tooth forever.

The last step is polishing, which will provide a nice, smooth finish to the tooth repair.

Even people who practice a good oral care routine occasionally find a tiny cavity. Once diagnosed, you need to have it repaired quickly to prevent further damage.

Allow the experts at Wineburg Family Dentistry to perform your dental fillings and related restoration needs for a healthy, beautiful smile that you can be proud of!