Did you know saliva is the component in your mouth that allows you to taste your favourite foods? Imagine missing out on all the delectable flavours because of something as simple as dry mouth.

Let’s discuss:

Not only does saliva allow you to taste flavours, it also allows your body to digest the food you eat, and it helps naturally clean your mouth.

Symptoms include having a sticky mouth, constant thirstiness, mouth sores, a dry throat, burning/red tongue, having trouble with talking, tasting or chewing, and most commonly, bad breath.

Dry mouth can be caused by something as simple as dehydration or irritation from certain medications and smoking and chewing tobacco. Other causes can include side effects and nerve damage.

If you think you have dry mouth, there are some at-home, easy quick-fixes. Chewing on sugar free gum, drinking plenty of water and using fluoride toothpaste.

If the problem of dry mouth persists, make an appointment with your local dentist for saliva-generating medication. In order to avoid future dry mouth, drink plenty of water, and avoid smoking or inhaling tobacco.