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Wineburg Family Dentistry

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Special Offer! All new clients coming in for cleaning, exam, and x-rays receive a complimentary bleaching


Your Family Dentist

Meet the #1 West Plano Dentist! When you find yourself in need of a professional and caring Family dentist, Wineburg Family Dentistry has you covered. Our staff is committed to making sure your dental visit is inviting, relaxing and comfortable as possible. Whether you’ve kept up with your bi-annual dental visits, or it’s been some time since you’ve seen a dentist, Dr. Wineburg and his staff are always willing and ready to help.

Some patients have had negative dental experiences in the past and are naturally a bit apprehensive about any dental visit. Other times, we have parents bringing in their child for the very first time. Whatever the case may be, there’s never a need to worry. At Wineburg Family Dentistry, we know how to put you and your child at ease. Our office is designed to make your visit as carefree as possible and our staff is attentive and happy to answer any question.

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West Plano Dentist

Welcome to Wineburg Dentistry | Dentist Plano TX

If you need a great Plano dentist, check out Wineburg Family Dentistry. Their friendly and professional staff will ensure your visit to the dentist is stress-free. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, Dr. Wineburg and staff are here to help.

Choosing Dr. Wineburg for your Plano dentist is a great decision. Our friendly, professional staff are committed to maximizing your complete oral health. Dr. Wineburg will conduct a thorough examination and then explain every detail of any dental procedure he is recommending. This ensures that you understand exactly what to expect from your dental treatment plan and why we are recommending the procedure in the first place. We believe educated patients are happier patients.

Wineburg your local dentist Plano Tx is a a family orientated dentist who welcomes the entire family. We treat everyone, no matter their age and enjoy getting to know each and every one of our patients. From the beginning of an appointment to the end, each patient receives the very best in dental care. Our staff is dedicated to providing exemplary care no matter what you may require. Whether you are scheduling an appointment or undergoing a dental procedure, you are assured of receiving the best modern dental treatment and quality care from our outstanding team of professionals.

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When choosing Dr. Wineburg for your family’s dentist in Carrollton Tx, you’ll be met with a friendly, professional staff committed to helping you care for your teeth and optimizing your complete oral health. Dr. Wineburg will carefully explain all aspects of any dental procedure you might need, so you’ll always understand exactly why we recommend a specific course of treatment. We know that our patients feel more comfortable and at ease when they know what to expect, and we’re here to make that process an easy one.