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Carrollton Dentist Tx - Welcome to Wineburg Family Dentistry!

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When you find yourself in need of a professional and caring Carrollton dentist Tx, Wineburg Family Dentistry has you covered. Our staff is committed to making sure your dental visit is inviting, relaxing and comfortable as possible. Whether you’ve kept up with your bi-annual dental visits, or it’s been some time since you’ve seen a dentist, Dr. Wineburg and his staff are always willing and ready to help.

Some patients have had negative dental experiences in the past and are naturally a bit apprehensive about any dental visit. Other times, we have parents bringing in their child for the very first time. Whatever the case may be, there’s never a need to worry. At Wineburg Family Dentistry, we know how to put you and your child at ease. Our office is designed to make your visit as carefree as possible and our staff is attentive and happy to answer any question.

When choosing Dr. Wineburg for your family’s dentist in Carrollton Tx, you’ll be met with a friendly, professional staff committed to helping you care for your teeth and optimizing your complete oral health. Dr. Wineburg will carefully explain all aspects of any dental procedure you might need, so you’ll always understand exactly why we recommend a specific course of treatment. We know that our patients feel more comfortable and at ease when they know what to expect, and we’re here to make that process an easy one. 

Wineburg Family Dentistry offers the latest in modern dental procedures for Carrollton Texas and surrounding areas.

Call 972-250-1400 and schedule your appointment today!

Wineburg Dentistry | Carrollton Dentist Tx

Our Services

Smile • Relax • Renew • Rejuvenate

Family Dentistry

Allow Wineburg Family Dentistry, to put you and your loved ones at ease with our exceptional care and experience provided by our friendly staff.

Medi Spa

We not only focus on creating a beautiful/healthy smile but we are also able to achieve a natural – looking, beautiful you!

Crowns and Bridges

Dr.Wineburg and his staff know a thing or two about dental crowns and bridges. Leave it to the experts and call 972-250-1400 to book your appointment today!

Dental Hygiene

Our dental hygienist are not only fun, caring, and understanding, but they are also great teachers of proper dental hygiene!


Have a cavity? Need a filling? Don’t stress about it, most people need at least one tooth filling in their lifetime. Our staff is ready to get you feeling good about your teeth again.


Need a good Periodontist who is backed by experience and someone you can trust? Look no further than Wineburg Family Dentistry. Allow us to nurse your smile back to health.

Oral Surgery / Extractions

At Wineburg Family Dentistry, we specialize in the treatment of oral and maxillofacial conditions. Our goal is to provide a caring and gentle approach to all our patients.

Root Canal

Dr.Wineburg is an expert in root canal procedures. He and his staff will provide a gentle yet effective approach in root canal treatments.

Emergency Care

Have a tooth related emergency? Unfortunately they can happen at anytime! Call Dr.Wineburg and his staff immediately at 972-250-1400

Botox Treatment

Are you tired of your Botox and fillers fading too quickly? Is your current esthetician inexperienced, or do you feel like your treatments are being watered down? Then come out to Wineburg Family Dentistry and Medi Spa and give us a try!